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Haircolor & Highlights

Women’s Color:    $60+

Color with Elixir:    $75

Prevents and protects hair from breakage. Softens gray and protects color from fading.

Men’s Color:   $50+

Additional or Extra Color:   $20+

Corrective Color (Consultation Required):   $100+

Toner Color:   $35+

Face Framing or a Few Foils:   $50+   

Partial Foils:   $70+   

Full Foils:   $110+

Specialty Color (Consultation Required):   $150+

Includes...Balayage, Ombre & Fun Colors. At our Consultation appointments, your hair’s length, its current condition and desired result will determine the cost of your service. (See image to the right.)

Eye Brow Color:    $10


These services do not include a cut or blow-dry & style.

“+” means our price are slightly higher for first-time cuts;

as well as for long and/or thick hair.


balayage hair.jpg
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