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EUFORA: People And Planet Friendly

With the founding of Eufora in 1997, owners Don and Beth Bewley committed themselves to providing innovative, performance driven products that respect the environment and protect the health and well-being of the professional salon.

Today, all Eufora products continue to meet the most rigorous standards in formulation, utilizing nearly 75 different natural plant extracts and essential oils in production, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considerable biodegradable.

Eufora products do not contain mineral oil or artificially created colorants or aromas; instead our fragrances are complex and naturally derived. In addition, all of our ingredients are evaluated on three key factors:

  • Ecologically correct

  • Socially fair

  • Economically fair trade

At Eufora we strive continually,

to be a positive contributor to the global community.

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